WheelieEasy Furniture Mover

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You really can Do It Yourself!

Whether you're moving house or rearranging your furniture, WheelieEasy is here to help. No one enjoys moving furniture around, it puts a strain on your body and often takes a group effort to accomplish something that should be simple. WheelieEasy is here to relieve stress from both your body and mind. WheelieEasy offers endless opportunities for people who love change, big or small.

Easy to install

WheelieEasy comes with four square bases with scratch-proof wheels, and a bar tool to prop up your furniture so that you can fit the bases on each corner of the item without any hassle. This makes WheelieEasy super easy to install and also easy to remove the bases.

Fast and free shipping, free warranty and free returns

We offer free, worldwide shipping which arrives within 1-2 business days and a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with WheelieEasy. It also comes with a free 1 year warranty which is automatically registered with us from the date of purchase.


Rotation: 360 degrees

No additional accessories required 

Base shape: square 

Material: ABS